EVault Long-Term Storage Service

Manage and preserve your digital assets cost-effectively in the cloud for decades with immediate, anytime access. Backed by Seagate.

Top Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Backup and Archive

Product Management Studies have shown that more than 90% of data in your network can be considered reference data, or data that is only looked at and accessed rarely. This data is taking up vast amounts of space on the expensive primary storage area network. Read More

Data Is Forever: Best Practices for Long-Term Data Storage

This brief yet technical white paper examines a wide range of long-term data storage best practices and industry challenges. A must-read when choosing a long-term data storage vendor. Read More

Storage in the Age of Digital Dynamism: the Future of Healthcare

I recently stumbled across the work of an incredibly interesting—and incredibly practical—physician and teacher who is dedicated to enabling the effective use of technology across the full spectrum of medicine. Read More

Video on Demand and Its Impact on Long Term Storage

Distribution channels for Hollywood film productions are constantly evolving. Theatrical distribution dominated in the early days. Broadcast television, premium channel television, airlines, hotels, home DVD rental and home DVD sales followed. Read More

IDC reports on EVault Long-Term Storage Service (LTS2)

In this report, IDC's Research Director for Storage Systems Ashish Nadkarni discusses how EVault is leveraging OpenStack Swift and Seagate's disk technology to offer a "well-differentiated solution that can give the incumbents a run for their money.” Read More