EVault Long-Term Storage Service

Manage and preserve your digital assets cost-effectively in the cloud for decades with immediate, anytime access. Backed by Seagate.

IDC reports on EVault Long-Term Storage Service (LTS2)

In this report, IDC's Research Director for Storage Systems Ashish Nadkarni discusses how EVault is leveraging OpenStack Swift and Seagate's disk technology to offer a "well-differentiated solution that can give the incumbents a run for their money.” Read More

Can Evault Make Storage-as-a-Service Work?

We’ve all heard many times how data is growing, especially unstructured data, and how companies are faced with huge piles of files they may never need but can’t delete – legally or simply because the data owners won’t make those decisions. But there are a growing number of use cases where very large data sets are stored with the full expectation that they’ll be needed, and must be brought back quickly. Read More

LTS2 in Action – Tape Replacement for Wireless Service Provider

Part of a Series of Use Case Stories about EVault’s Long Term Storage Service, LTS2 The complexity of being one of the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi service provider comes with unforeseen challenges. Read More

Help Me Get a Better Solution!

By Almond Au, Technical Analysis Engineer, EVault Portfolio Strategy & Planning “What makes EVault the better solution?” It’s an honest question asked by many prospects. The answer depends on who you ask… If you’ve used EVault you might talk about our reliable technology, fail-proof recovery or its team of experts who deliver a stellar customer experience. Read More

Welcome to EVault Long-Term Storage Service

Terry Cunningham, EVault president and general manager, introduces EVault Long-Term Storage Service (EVault LTS2), a cloud storage service that manages and preserves digital assets with complete data integrity — for as long as you need them (from months to several decades), with instant access, and at a low total cost of ownership. Backed by Seagate, the largest data storage company in the world.